Am I eligible?

Patients taking part must be:


  • Male or female, age ≥ 55 years​

  • Body mass index > 30 kg/m2

  • Positive COVID-19 diagnosis

  • Written informed consent

You cannot participate if:


  • Treatment with unfractionated or low molecular weight heparin may be harmful to you (consult your GP)

  • Recent (<48 hours) or planned spinal or epidural anesthesia or puncture, PCI or thrombolytic therapy within the preceding 24 hours

  • You have higher risk of bleeding complications due to recent stroke or surgery, elevated international normalized ratio (>1.5), past or present bleeding disorder

  • You have renal disease

  • You are receiving antiplatelet therapy (with the exception of low dose (<100mg) aspirin)

  • You are participating in an interventional study that is outside the purview of TRI sponsored studies

I think I am eligible. What's next?

Contact your GP to ensure you satisfy all eligibility criteria. You will then sign a consent form and be moved into the trial. 

We encourage you to read our FAQ page to learn more about the nature of clinical trials and this particular study. 

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